The Perfect Travel First-Aid Kit Checklist



A first aid kit may not be at the top of your priority list when packing for a vacation but it should be! It’s almost as important as packing toiletries. I’m sure you can find items at your hotel or the local convenience store, but why go through the hassle of finding that safety pin if you can come prepared. Find a cute makeup bag and add these things to complete your traveling first aid kit.

  1. Band-Aids – It is very common to get a small cut during your vacation. Come prepared and bring different size Band-Aids.
  2. Alcohol Wipes – The alcohol wipes act as an extra safety precaution to help heal your cut properly. In other words, don’t just put a Band-Aid on. Clean it first!
  3. Anti-Bacterial Ointment – This is helpful for larger wounds. The ointment will assist with preventing infections.
  4. Safety Pins – Safety pins are a travel must! When you need a last-minute fix, they always come in handy.
  5. Prescription Medication – It is great to store all of your medication in one place. Whether it's birth control or an asthma pump, it should be in your first aid kit.
  6. Benadryl – Benadryl or any other allergy relief medication is a must on vacation. You always want to be prepared if you eat something you are allergic too. Buy the non-drowsy kind so you do not ruin your trip!
  7. Probiotics – When traveling, you are not always making the best diet decisions. You want to try the local food and quite frankly you’re not always thinking about eating healthy. Probiotics are great for keeping digestion regular, especially when you’re on go. Mind your gut!
  8. Vitamins – Taking vitamins are very important during your vacation. You are constantly on the move, so you want to make sure your body is energized and has the appropriate nutrients.
  9. Pain Killers – The last thing you want to worry about is a bad migraine when you’re trying to have the time of your life on an excursion. Bring the pain killers to stop the pain! They’re also great for hangovers.
  10. Bug Spray – Don’t get caught in a tropical island without bug spray! Mosquito’s love foreign blood, so they will bite you.
  11. Sun Block – This needs no explanation. Sunblock protects the skin from sun damage. This should be a staple in your beauty routine. Check the SPF!
  12. Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera gel saves lives! If you didn’t put enough sunblock on and forgot the bug spray, rub the gel on your bites and burns to help ease the pain and discomfort.
  13. Double Sided Tape – This is a random add but double sided tape is a necessity. I know this is the age of “free the nipple” but lets avoid nip slips ladies. Double sided tape also comes in handy if you need to stick things together.
  14. Feminine Products – It is always handy to keep a stash of feminine products in your first aid kit. Mother nature is one thing we cannot avoid. No need to ruin your vacation over a visit from your lady friend.
  15. Anti Itch Cream – Just in case you rub against the wrong plant during a hike or have a random allergic reaction, pack a tube of Hydrocortisone.
  16. Tweezers – These are useful for removing splinters or unwanted facial hair.
  17. Cold Relief Capsules – Climate switches can be very harsh on the body. If you feel a cold coming on take medicine right away to avoid it getting worse. Having a few cold relief capsules handy, is always a good idea.

Safe Travels!


Raquel Tross