I Deleted Social Media For A Week And Here's What Happened

As a Producer at an entertainment company on the Digital and Social team, I started to feel consumed with not only people's lifestyle, but also metrics. This is embarrassing but I started to get caught up on how well my page was doing, growth in numbers, views, and sadly working in this industry can sometimes get you wrapped up in that.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do but it requires a lot of research into what's going on in pop culture, news, music and overall trending. With that comes following your friends on Twitter and learning about other peoples thoughts and opinions. It was consuming me so much to the point where I started to realize it. I decided to delete my social media for a week to experiment if I would feel any different about my time or my mood. I was going through a rough week anyway and just wanted to be alone. 

I did it for a week and here's what I noticed.

1. I Became More Invested In Myself

I took time to myself, to watch tv, to cook, to workout and do whatever I wanted. I got so bored and had so much free time from not scrolling through my timelines that I even re-folded my drawers and re-organized my closet. 

2. I Felt Relieved

I didn't really care much for what people were wearing on the gram at Coachella and what type of people were commenting on what. I wasn't diving into a deep dark hole that led me to tons of profiles on the background of celebrity gossip stories, etc.

3. I Learned About New Music

As of recently I've started to make playlists. Since I missed looking into things on my phone, I used that opportunity to deep dive not into peoples profiles, but music and similarities in artists' flows.

4. I Had Time To Clear My Mind

For whatever reason I felt clarity not being on social media. Like I said above, I had time to myself. I had time after work to think about things going on in my life, to re-access and refocus on the things that mattered to me.

5. I Became Present With People I Love

I put off so much time just scrolling through my twitter and Instagram timelines that I didn't focus on the things that mattered most. With time away from social media, I became more present. I spent time with my family and didn't look at my phone once. 1) Because no one was hitting my line and 2) I wasn't spending time on social media. 

6. I Worked On What I Needed To Accomplish

So... we're still getting back to the whole gym thing. I know that's going to take some time LOL. But I did work on this website. GetupN'Glow has been in the works for such a long time and I kept putting off working on the site. When I deleted social media I was able to refocus and work closer towards my goals.

7. I Stopped Posting So Much And Started Creating

I was starting to feel like I lost my creative flare. Outside of work I wasn't creating or writing about anything that I was passionate about. I was so used to posting things with long captions or telling stories on my Instastory (because I deleted Snapchat) and I started to realize how much I did that. It's kind of toxic tbh. So I turned those things that would've been Instastory posts or captions into my writing and so, now here I am writing!

8. I Became Happier

The truth is I was in the state of unhappiness for a while with a lot of things. Granted, social media isn't the root of solution to all my problems but it DID help me to unplug and get away for a while. Disconnecting is necessary sometimes. 

Now what? 

Now I've just decided that I'll limit my time to social media. I deleted the apps of my phone which makes it harder for me to even want to go on it. TBH now, when I go on Instagram I'm not even scrolling. The last time I was on was to promote that playlist I told you guys about. I'll for sure be on it from time to time, I like to scroll through it while I'm sitting on the train during my commute to work, but being that I feel better without it I think I'll be on it much less these days. I realized I don't have to post every part of what's going on in my life and for whatever reason I became addicted to that habit. It became unhealthy and now I'm making a conscious effort to do less of that and more of me-time investing in things that matter most. 

This post may sound crazy to some of you, but like I said when you work in the industry it's different. Staying in the digital know is required. But I've managed to do that with limited scrolling and catching up on blogs. Who knows, that may even help my writing since I'll be reading more. Overall the experience has been beneficial and I recommend it to anyone who feels like they need a break from the world. I mean yeah, eventually I'll re-download these apps and use them again in the regular manner they were intended to be used. Yes friends of the internet, I love social media and I love what I do, but for now I'm just taking some time for Milena. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you're in need of a break, don't be afraid to take that social media sabbatical cleansing opportunity!