These Manicures Take Poppin' To A Whole New Level!

I'm sure we all have at least one instagram that we stalk for style inspo. If you don't, consider @wuzg00d your new instagram nail crush. #ThankMeLater. From colorful patterns to nail jewelry, these nails are breaking all the rules and I'm obsessed. I'm the girl who maybe gets her nails done a few times a year and on special occasions, but after stumbling upon this instagram page I think I might have to step my mani game all the way up. 

If you're anything like me, these dope a** manicures might make you think twice before you ask for your "usual color change" next time you hit the salon!


1. When life hands you lemons...


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Lemons and pearls are an interesting combination, who knew this would be a thing? We love it. 


2. Came thru drippin'

Colors are magical

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We're loving this purple drip with a fiery color to really make the nails pop!


3. Beyonce inspired?


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If we're keeping it real this looks like something good enough to come straight off Queen B's Instagram. Talk about high fashion nails!



Ya know I love me some colorzzz

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Giving us all the Tetris realness with these color block nails. 


5. Color wonderland

πŸ’– Nailfie. All da colorz πŸ’–

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Seems that clear polish with dimensional shapes is the new thing in nail culture. The combo surely gives us a focal point, look at those colors!


6. Airmax day


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Inspired by Airmax, perhaps? Just do it!


7. Gucci'd up


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At first glance you can already tell what this is from, Gucci inspired nails? We're here for it, honey! 

If you aren't inspired by now, we don't know what else to tell ya. Now get out there, and get those nails on and poppin'. You have what it takes to rock whatever you want as art!