Is Travis Scott's New Album 'Astroworld' Fun Or Transphobic?


August seems to be a huge month for the dynamic duo, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

With the release of her 21st makeup collection and the return of his music with the upcoming album Astroworld, the love bugs are set to break records. The album is named after a now-closed Theme Park in Houston. What a better way to pay homage to his fun hometown? 

Scott told Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this year, 

“It had a Dungeon Drop, Greezed Lightnin’, Superman,” he says. “It was a way of life – fantasies, imagination.”

Could it be that all of these things will be the names of tracks or pictured in the upcoming music videos? We sure do hope so! The album has been hugely anticipated by fans whom can assure you that the Houston rapper never disappoints with delivering serious heat.

As of late, Scott has the people going with the recent release of his cover art. Both official album covers were shot by the legendary David LaChapelle, American commercial photographer, fine-art photographer, music video director, and film director. Does the name ring a bell? Yes, why of course there's a Kardashian connection! If you think back to 2013, you may recall that LaChapelle shot the Kardashians $250,000.00 Christmas card on KUTWK. The shoot was something out of the future.

Scott has announced that the release of the album is set to take place on August 3rd, 2018, just days before his girlfriend and baby mothers birthday.


Hold up, did we mention that Travis is receiving a ton of backlash for removing a very popular subject in LaChapelle's work, the transgender model, Amanda Lepore? Did we also mention that LaChapelle is gay? Hmm. We're not too sure why she was removed, but LaChapelle's post of the art work included her while Travis' didn't. A few people are enraged and claiming that the rapper is transphobic and to some of them it's "not even a surprise". 



Despite being photoshopped out of the finalized cover art, Lepore posted the original photo showing love to the photographer and Travis.

As for promo? 

  • The head statue that appears in the album cover has popped up in Los Angeles, Times Square and more locations.
  • The promo video? Fire. Shot by Nabildo.
  • Album merch is already being sold which must mean a tour is definitely in the works!

If anything is for sure, Travis has the people buzzing and promotion is fully covered. Be sure to keep those headphones close and your concert money saved, Friday is tomorrow, and this ones expected to be yet another banger. 


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