Freeform's 'The Bold Type' Is Pretty Much My 25 Year Old Life

Let's keep it real.

Freeform does an amazing job of creating good shows with great messages across the board, but The Bold Type does an incredible job of depicting all that goes on in a 20 something year olds life. The moment I watched this show, the more I was hooked. 

The show is currently nearing the end of Season 2 and is inspired by the life of Joanna Coles, chief content officer of Hearst Magazines life. The series covers three girls: Jane Sloan, Kat Edison and Sutton Brady as they climb the ranks of Corporate America at the very prestigious Scarlet Magazine. The girls work underneath the reigns of Jacqueline Carlyle, Editor-in-Chief, played by Melora Hardin. Contrary to first scene impression, she's a mentor to the girls and one hell of a bad ass who has been through some story telling worthy experiences that make her into the kickass boss that she is. 

The show explores topics of gender inequality, health, career trials and tribulations, sex, relationships, difficulties of dating while single and finances. I mean, c'mon, besides travel, what else do 25 year old women really even talk about anymore? That's our life in a nutshell. 

Here's what's great about the show:

Jacqueline is a true leader. 

The editor-in-chief of the show is someone that truly wants what's best for her employees and mentees alike. She's what we as young professionals should look for in a boss. Someone that is strong, confident, has flaws but encourages us to be better. Someone that knows when we are and aren't capable of something (yet) based on our confidence level and desire to achieve. Most importantly, she pushes her employees and tells it like it is, even if the advice is hard to hear. 



These are real life topics and not an exaggeration.

Did you know that About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone ( Yes, it's true. These are the stories that serve purpose in the episode. Things that real women watching can relate to. 


It isn't all smiles and corny.

Friends argue sometimes. The show depicts the ups and downs of the friendship between these three co-workers and friends. Unlike other corny shows, Freeform hits the nail on the head when friends go from getting along to arguing and making up. 




Dating outside of college is the struggle. 

These girls look for love in all kinds of places. Work, the bar, etc. They experience cheaters, people that don't mesh with them, people that are too old for them, heartbreak, f* buddies and all the other things that 20 something year olds really experience. One of the girls even explores her sexuality, but I won't spoil who for you. ;)


TINY NYC Apartments, it's really a thing.

The girls live in NYC and turn a one bedroom into a two bedroom in order to save money on rent. You ever watch those shows where no one speaks on the struggles of paying rent and the dorms are the size of your living room. Like, where they do that at? No, these girls nearly have a breakdown during layoff season in fear they won't be able to pay rent. Peep the bed in the living room. Haha. 



The struggle to the top is a major battle at this age.

The Bold Type explores the struggle of pay raises, switching positions within your own company, but different department and counter negotiations with your boss for salaries. Who can't relate? Corporate America is tough. Feeling overworked and underpaid? Yeah, them too. 


Those were just a few examples, let us know what you think about the show in the comments below! 









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