D'ana Nunez of COVL Shares Her Best Advice For Creatives That Want To Make Art

Courtesy  of D'ana Nunez / Photograph by  @JordanKrate

Courtesy of D'ana Nunez / Photograph by @JordanKrate

Courtesy  of D'ana Nunez / Photograph by  @MusesofMiami

Courtesy of D'ana Nunez / Photograph by @MusesofMiami

Meet D’ana Nunez, the Founder and Creative Director of COVL (Collections + Volumes).  D'ana founded COVL in 2012 and re-launched her page in 2018. COVL designs conscious content in a city where the superficial reigns of supreme is an uphill battle. D’ana’s creations truly resonate with her audience. Her ability to design and create lessens the anxiety from her rough upbringing, driving her to keep a childlike playfulness in her stories. As a digital artist and content creator, she creates forward-thinking brand experiences that speak deeply but stay playful.

She's collaborated with major brands that millennials would only dream of working with such as: Samsung, Jetblue, Redbull, Puma, Adidas, Champs and more. D'ana is a self-starter who has taught herself every skill she knows. To say she is handy with a tablet would be a major understatement. Her blog is a representation of all cool things art: Collaborations, motion graphics, design and lifestyle. 


We took some time to chat with D'ana about her creative journey and advice, here's what she had to say: 

M: Hey D'ana,

Can you describe yourself in one word? 

D'ana: Eccentric.


  1. A person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behavior.

    "she enjoys a colorful reputation as an engaging eccentric"

    Synonyms: oddity, odd fellow, character, individualist, individual, free spirit


M: What’s the best thing about being a creative from Miami? And how long have you been working for yourself?

D'ana: Being a creative from Miami upholds a lot of innocence and a sense of eagerness to explore and grow. I've been working for myself for 3 + years.


M: When did you decide you wanted to become a freelance artist? Did you ever work a 9-5?

D'ana: My last retail job really broke my spirit and creativity. That was when I had to turn my life around and make a move towards creating a life I wanted to live.


M: Was it a scary leap to begin working for yourself?

D'ana: A 9-5 provides stability and if you're fortunate you might even work in a place where you can grow and flex those creative muscles. I didn't want my stability to morph into comfortability or being content so I took the leap to understand who I was and what exactly it was that I wanted to do. I experienced a lot of fear and doubt along the way, but I knew I had to continue pushing myself to break the cycle of living below my own expectations.


M: You’ve worked with major brands like Puma, Corona, Essence. How did you start to build a relationship with brands and do commissioned work for big companies?

D'ana: A lot of opportunities have come from the moment of me building out the ideas on my own and sharing it with like minded individuals or online. 

Credit:  Martina McCfly x Hype Bae x COVL

Credit: Martina McCfly x Hype Bae x COVL

M: What’s your background? Do you have formal training on art or did you teach yourself? Did you always draw? 

D'ana: I grew up with artistic siblings but I personally never took art or the idea of it seriously until 3-4 years ago when I began my new path. Everything I know stems from curiosity and the eagerness to expand my craft. I'm self taught. 


M: What’s your favorite platform for inspiration?

D'ana: I really love Ello which is a platform made by creatives, for creatives.


M: What’s your favorite platform for teaching yourself new things?

D'ana: Youtube, hands down.


M: What do you do to get out a creative road block or rut? 

D'ana: I tend to stray away from anything digital and dive into creating things with my hands or simply allow myself to get lost in the city because it's filled with something new and inspiring every time


M: What advice would you give to an artist that’s looking to either quit their job or side hustle to do graphic design and/or paint? 

D'ana: Plan, plan, plan! If you're deciding to take the leap, make sure you have the money saved to provide yourself stability through your new transition. Doing so allows time to figure out your next steps. And work on projects you love versus to just for money! 


M: What’s one project you’re most proud of? 

D'ana: I don't tend to play favoritism because it tends to create this unrealistic pressure when working on the next project. I'm proud of every project I've completed. Every project has taught me something new and has assured me that I'm doing something right. We know it’s cliché, but really, we’re curious...


Courtesy of  @itscovl

Courtesy of @itscovl

M: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? 

D'ana: Sounds corny yet in 10 years I see myself art directing my own life, running 'Made by COVL' full-time all the while traveling the world!


M: What’s next for you? What can we expect? Will there ever be tutorials on how you create?! We’re patiently waiting! 

D'ana: Lots of great projects happening but I believe saying it out loud before it actually happens is jinxing it lol! I can assure everyone whatever is about to happen will not disappoint especially with the new launch of IGTV.




Thanks for your time D'ana! Don't forget to visit her site super dope site: https://www.covl.co/ and follow her on Instagram @itscovl

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