This Shark Attack Bath Bomb Is Designed To Turn Your Tub Into An Actual Nightmare

For those of you that like to think of bath time as a time to light a few candles, grab a glass of wine and might want to clutch those pearls now, sis. An Etsy shop called Bubble Mania has completely broken all the rules with their horror themed bath bombs, including bath bombs inspired by some of Hollywood's most terrifying films, including Jaws, IT, and even Silence of the Lambs. 

One of their best sellers is the "JAWS Attack" bath bomb, which they designed to mimic an actual shark mouth, complete with a set of razor sharp teeth and fake "blood." The product, which is bubblegum scented, turns the water various shades of blue and red when its dropped in the bathtub. For a whopping $9.74 you can turn your tub into a scene right out of the movie Jaws.

If you that ain't really feeling the whole horror scene in your bathroom idea, don't fret! Bubble Mania has a few other creative bath bombs you might like ranging from $6.36 to $8.38, including bath bombs inspired by Pokemon, Harry Potter, Barbie, and a few familiar Disney classics as well.

If horror movies are your thing, bless up. *insert praying hands emoji* But we're going to stick to the lavender bubble bath and regular bath bombs for now.