Steps To Make Your First Brazilian Wax Less Of A Daunting Experience


Your first bikini wax is frightful.

You might even have anxiety just thinking about it, right? But don't worry, that's normal! You have every right to be scared. You are in fact about to have your pubic hairs ripped from your body. But remember, the pain is only temporary. 


First things first:

pick the right wax for you


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Now that you've got your wax type checked...

the appointment. 

Check Reviews: When booking, make sure that you are visiting a professional wax location. The European Wax Centers of the world are great choices. 

Finding Your Waxer: Finding the right person to wax you is very important. Some are quicker than others with better techniques or might even talk your ear off to the point where you forget what you were even there for to begin with!

Ask your friends if they have recommendations for their preferable location and wax lady. If not, Yelp is a great way to find the right person. Check the comments section in reviews for your specific location and book with the person that has highest ratings.

Timing:  Make sure that you’re setting your appointments on the most painless date. For some us, the timing really matters. Skin is more sensitive around the time of your period and/or ovulation, so make sure you’re getting your wax before or after those sensitive time frames. 

Prep for it. 

Trim: If your hair is long, feel free to cut it down to a grain of rice with scissors but DO NOT shave! It’ll make it way more painful. We really meant that "grain of rice size" thing, anything shorter than that will either be a no-go and you’ll have to come back at a later date OR the result of the requirement for many wax layers on your lady parts and repeated waxing in the same area in order to grasp hair (and that’s no fun)!

The pain: The pain really depends on your tolerance, but no matter what, it will more than likely hurt. The pain is brief and you can take breaks in between if you have to. Some parts are more sensitive than others, but they're done in pretty large patches so that the pain isn't slow. It'll be over before you know it! It’s totally worth it, and once you incorporate this into your routine, you will never want to go back to shaving! You’ll be as smooth as a baby bottom!




After Care.

Exfoliate: Some people are more prone to ingrown hairs than others, but this hurts! Make sure you are exfoliating every 2 weeks after waxes to ensure that hair doesn’t get caught up in your skin, causing a painful pimple! If you visit European Wax Center, we recommend getting their serum to avoid ingrown hair as well. 

Membership: After your first visit you more than likely will say to yourself, “I’m never doing this again!!!” but almost every waxer will tell you that the same thing "The more you come, the less it will hurt!"

And guess what? They aren't lying!

We know this is hard to believe but it’s true! Hair gets thinner when you yank it from the root and it takes much longer to grow back. You’ll be amazed by how little your hair grows back each time, and for that it'll hurt less and less every time. This time only hurt this bad because you were probably shaving!

Back to the original bullet point: We recommend the membership because it’ll force you to get your waxes on a consistent basis. Once or twice a month is best! Less and thinner hair, hurts less!


Good luck! You’ll be ready to conquer the world in no time. You've got this girl!

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