Kylie Announces Her Third Birthday Collection For The Big 2-1!

She did not come to play, ladies and gentlemen. 

After being named "The Youngest Ever Self-Made Billionaire" by Forbes Magazine at the age of 20, Kylie Jenner has no reason whatsoever to slow down. You would've thought motherhood would have her hands tied up, but nothing can stop this woman when it comes to selling out makeup. 

(Credit: Kylie Jenner's Instagram)

(Credit: Kylie Jenner's Instagram)


Kylie turns legal on August 10th and her 21st birthday collection is one of her hottest editions yet. The collection is said to include the following: 

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Judging by her Instagram story leading up to the release, this cosmetic collection is not going to disappoint. The pigmentation is ON POINT. Lip colors are creative and bday celebration appropriate with titles like: "'Flirtini', 'Rumor', 'August', 'Glam', 'Birthday Behavior' and 'Rager'." Other lip colors include titles like, "'Boss', 'Victoria' (who happens to be Kylie's assistant), 'Rad', 'Say No More', 'Boy Bye' and 'Queen'.


(Credit: Kylie Jenner's Instagram)

This is her third birthday collection since the age of 19, and with 21 being a big deal, she had to go big. 

Highlighters are over the top in the best way possible and the eyeshadow has all the pigment you need. Did we mention that she outdid herself with the packaging? The box reads "HELLO 21" and is covered in celebratory photos of Kylie. 

The launch is set to take place on August 6th, 2018, but if you are from the LA area you may have been lucky enough to snag this collection at Kylie's pop up for locals on August 1st, 2018. 

Make sure you lock in a reminder and set your notification alerts for Kylie's IG because these things go and go fast. Happy shopping! 

And Happy Birthday, Kylie!