Here's What They Don't Tell You About Hormonal Acne

Um, so yeah. Let's talk! 

Here's a bit about my acne background: In college I never had acne, my skin was clear and when I say clear I mean Jorja Smith clear. No scarring, no acne, no damage. Life was lovely, I barely even had bags under my eyes so I almost never wore makeup. 


I was on birth control up until my junior year of college in 2013 which is another article for another day, but I'm assuming it saved my skin? Junior year of college I got off birth control because the side effects were really messing with me and I decided to take a break. So from Junior year 2013 to 2016 my skin was fine. Towards the end of 2016 a flip switched and something happened. I'm still unsure if it was due to the stress of readjusting to a new job, hormonal changes and/or the fact I had recently gotten off using Proactiv.

For whatever reason on God's green earth I decided to try Proactiv on my clear skin. That was the worst thing I could've ever decided to do, but I did. I stopped using it after a month and my skin flipped out. 


My first visit to a dermatologist: 

I decided to go see a derm for the first time ever and they prescribed Doxycycline. A big white pill that's super nasty & they prescribed for me to take twice a day. It treats and prevent infections. In my case it fell under prescription to treat rosacea and severe acne. Along with that I also got a topical cream that made my skin super dry. 

By "they" I mean that I went to go see two dermatologists. I wanted a second opinion and got the same result. A prescription of topical cream and doxycycline doses that were just messing with my system. 


Natural Methods:

I tried everything from African Black Soap to Shea Butter and Cerave. If you haven't heard about African Black Soap and suffer from dark spots and severe acne I'd highly recommend doing your research on it. In many cases it'll work but with my hormonal acne, it became a different type of beast to tackle. As a resort of my acne I decided to give up milk, it wasn't helping me health wise and it damn sure wasn't helping me acne wise.


Photo by  Nicole De Khors  from  Burst  

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst 


This was one of the only things that helped but man was it painful. My esthetician did a extractions under a light to get ride of upcoming acne and that helped to prevent future bumps, but it did hurt since my skin was so irritated. Nonetheless, it did soothe my face and this is something I would recommend whether you have clear or and/or acne prone skin! I've had good and bad experiences with these, Groupon is the way to go to try them out for the low!


I started to feel helpless and embarrassed.


I found that doctors weren't helping. Not wearing makeup wasn't helping. It would actually make things worst. My pimples wouldn't even have a head to pop they'd just be so painful and took weeks to go down on its own. My face was hurting, literally. And self-esteem wise, I was at an all time low. It definitely changed my perspective on acne and why people get it. For some, it just isn't a matter of seeing a doctor or changing your routine. It's damn near impossible to get rid of, that's what they don't tell you. 




Anyway, some of you may not like to hear this but I resorted back to birth control. I started Yaz (otherwise known as BeYaz or Drospirenone) in 2017 and never looked back. My skin cleared up COMPLETELY within 6 months and I felt comfortable getting back on a new bc that was recommended for skin because I felt I tried everything and anything natural that I could possibly get a hold of.

What I use now:

My skin routine is very simple now. I wash my face with Cerave ($11 from the drug store) cleanser for oily/normal skin in the morning and at night. I dab my face with a clean towel and apply Shiseido moisturizer for day with SPF 18 during the day, and night cream for before bed. I'd recommend getting the cream at Marshall's or Burlington Coat Factory for a marked down price. It is a little pricy even marked down at $50.00 a pop but makes a world wind of difference. You won't regret it! 

If you're going through this, I've felt your pain. Don't give up. I tried everything I could for a year before resorting to birth control but that was ultimately my last option. Now I have some acne scars which people confuse for my freckles (so I guess that's a good thing) but I just wanted to let you know that there is a solution some way, some how, out there. If it so happens to be Birth Control, don't feel bad about it! You're only human.